About Us

LadyBijoux Couture or LBC is a leading fashion forward luxury concierge and personal shopper based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bringing you authentic, genuine items and confident at ensuring clients’ satisfaction. Having experience for both high end luxury and high street retailers.


LBC was born in 2009, started by Lioni due to her strong passion in fashion and realizing the limitations. And soon after, in 2011 Yuli joined forces. The duo has been bestfriends since high school. Lioni loves glamor whereas Yuli loves classic sophisticated. The two strong fashion styles collide, we meet and create two worlds.

After almost a decade satisfying each clients’ desire in getting what they had longing and wished for, both knew and understood what women want. Both wanted to create something special. Lioni and Yulie then grow their passions into real business. It is the beginning of Lioni and Yuli’s journey and they hope that their passions can bring happiness and power to women.



Lioni & Yuli
Co-founders of Ladybijoux Couture



"I love Fashion and Colors! I do believe that we need to be authentic and honest with our customers. Styling each one of them is my pleasure. Sharing stories and laughter, we gradually became friends. Thus, it is a fun, exciting experience for me and doing what I love." - Yuli

"Fashion is a form of sophisticated style and it becomes a basic need to all of us. I am honored too to be a part of sweet surprises of husbands and boyfriends gave to their partners. A content satisfactions to be able to deliver and communicate to women out there." - Lioni